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Outdoor Education Conference 2019. Organised by National Youth Council and Outward Bound Singapore.

Outdoor education conference 2019, hope that our sharing had inspired more outdoor practitioners & educators to do more program for our special needs students.

CPAS & Metta School

Thailand Adventure 2019

Working with CPAS & Metta School with the intention of creating an inclusive outdoor adventure programming, Innotrek managed to pull through a 4 Days adventure program with the 2 organisation to give the participants an experience which is hard to replicate in sunny Singapore.

Educators Conference 2019

Over 150 educators from kindergarten to Secondary schools and social services sectors attended the Educators Conference 2019. This years' conference theme "Connecting the Disconnected" with Colin Beard as Keynote speaker.

Directors of Innotrek were invited to present a concurrent session on "Building Resilience through Affective & Affirmative Outdoor Learning". The sessions were well received with full stocked attendance on understanding the concepts of Resilience and what are the mechanism to cope and help participants build a stronger ability.

Staff Training cum Retreat

It was a time of bonding for the staff who spent their precious weekend on an 8 hours ride up north into Malaysia into the town of Gopeng for a period of training and refreshing.

All the staff took the opportunity to further understand the concept of Swift Water rescue that was taught by a Rescue 3 International Instructor from Nomad. And at the same time refreshed their single pitch abseil setup via natural rigging.

An experienced facilitator also brought the staff through some of the understand of caving and white water rafting.

Mike Ch8-1
Mike Ch8

Founder on Channel 8

One of our Founder, Mike Lim was featured on national TV about the difficulties faced by the Thai rescuers during the cave rescue of the Thai Wild Boars, where 12 boys and their coach were trapped.

Mike Beijing
Mike Beijing 4
Mike Beijing 3
Mike Beijing 2
Anuar Beijing
Mike Beijing 1

Chinese Forum on OE

Innotrek had the privilege of being invited to Beijing to deliver a simple workshop on Character Development utilising camping as way of building.

During this one week forum, 3 of the key management staff. Namely Mike Lim, Md Anuar and Tony Tan were there to render some transference of knowledge to the locals on how programming can be better design to meet the development of the youth. 

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