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High Elements Challenge

Conquer your fears of height together as a group. Help each other through various obstacles and help each other through by building trust through team work.

Sungei Buloh Challenge

Discover the exciting nature aspect of Singapore in Sungei Buloh through a series of orienteering and hunt. Learn to identify wildlife such as the different species of birds and flora that are available in the reserve. Have a chance to spot a saltwater crocodile in their natural environment. 

Ubin Challenge

Pulau Ubin is one of the last place in Singapore which still retain its rustic and kampung style layout. Exciting activities such as kayaking, trekking and nature watching are some of the highlights of this little island which is tucked away in the eastern part of Singapore.

Lion Dance Challenge

A traditional Chinese activity. The Lion is main attraction in the dance but it is not the only thing that is happening. Learn to work together as a team to create a re-sounding tune for the dance and learn the steps needed to make the dance a successful one. 

Biking Challenge

With so many park connectors in Singapore, explore the country using bike and see the various parts of Singapore which is least taken. This activity can  be done in a group in the day or night, which changes the dynamic of how a group communicates when they are on the move.

Bangla Dance Challenge

Many of us in Singapore will be familiar with Bangla Dance. This is a very happy dance that encourage positiveness and motion. Learn as a group to dance together under the instruction and create a dance item.

Iron Chef Challenge

Know members of your team by cooking together. Create wonderful dishes and see who is the chef among the team. This activity requires teams to cook dishes based on a requisite item which can be a meat or vegetable and create an attractive dish for the judges to see and taste. 

Geo Caching Challenge

Global Positioning System have become such an integral part of our lives. Do you know that you need 4 satellites in space for the GPS to triangulate a position for you? Through this activity, participants will have the change to use a trekking based GPS which will allow a very accurate positioning of the hidden clues or treasures.

Crayon Race Challenge

Teams will theme themselves in the colors of the crayon and venture around the various parts of Singapore to accomplish task using technology via their mobile phones. From taking a photo as a team at the various checkpoints to doing videos of a skit, these are genuine moments of fun! 

Combat Laser Challenge

A team that fights together, stays together. Using specially design "Laser" Guns, plan out your team's strategy for various mission such as Capture the Flag, VIP Protection and Hostage Rescue. An activity which is well liked by the "young" and the younger. 

Tac Archery Challenge

Engage each other in a game of Tac Archery by shooting each other with a foam tipped arrow. Craft your team's tactics on how to take on the opponents while still having sufficient manpower to take out the objective.

Archery Challenge

An art of concentration. Archery requires not just the strength of arms but also the coordination of the eyes and breathing in order for the arrow to hit the target at the desired mark. Work as a team to improve each others' marksmanship by giving feedback and helping each other to become a better archer.

Catapult Challenge

Designed as a siege weapon, teams will put their creativity and skills to the test by trying their best to build this giant catapult to hurl its furious water bombs at their opponents. Will the catapult work, or will it topple after a single thrust? This will be dependent on the cooperation of the team during the building stage.

Rafting Challenge

Imagine the need to get off a deserted island with nothing more than a couple of floatable items and ropes. Teams will have to come out with creative ways to improvise a raft in order to ferry members away to safety.

Dragon Boat Challenge

A sport that is famously associated with team building and team work, create a memory bonding experience by conquering the waters together as a team. Row and race against each other and understand the dynamics that make up an effective team. 

Kayak Challenge

Paddle off into the seas or reservoirs of Singapore. Visit places which you can only get to by water craft and travel together. This activity will also give the team an opportunity to know at least one member better than anyone else.

First Aid Challenge

Build better teamwork by working together to "save" valuable members of your team. Putting basic First Aid skills to the challenge by recovering members in time tight situations and getting them out of obstacles.

Sailing Challenge

What better to way to build relationships than by working together on a journey. Team members get the opportunity to helm different roles on board a boat and all working towards getting the team towards a destination.

Survival Challenge

Stranded in the middle of no where and you need to survive till help arrives? This activity will help mimic that situation and what can be done as a team to survive the harsh situation and weather it out together.

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