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Training Schedule

Kayaking at Sunrise

1 Star Kayaking

A basic certification for kayaking in Singapore which is conducted over 2 half days comprising a total of 12hrs.

Kayaking at Sunrise

Kayak Expedition Leader

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The KEL course is designed to provide trainers with the skills, knowledge and ability to handle a group when out for sea expedition. 


Eco Champ

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Eco Champ program seeks to prepare trainers to deliver Environmental Awareness programs to participants.


Pioneering & Rafting

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With basic knowledge of knots, this 1 day program will guide trainers how to progress to building structures and the safety behind it.

Portrait of Young Businesswoman

Leadership Training Camp

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This Leadership Training Camp uses 'The Leadership Challenge' model to enhance participants' facilitation skills.

Kayaking at Sunrise

2 Star Kayaking

This is the prerequisite certification for attending the Level 1 Coaching Course, conducted over 18hrs.

Group Meeting

Adv. Facilitation

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Advance Facilitation Course is to help you as a trainer to better develop the soft skills needed to draw out effective learning from your participants.

Abseil Brief.JPG

APC 1 & 2

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Abseil Proficiency Course 1 & 2 is based on SMF syllabus that covers basics to intermediate level which prepares the participant to be a Abseil Instructor.

Compass & Map

Trekking & Orienteering

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This course seeks to equip participants with an understanding of the basic principles of topography and its uses.


Specialist Course

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To certify for the safe and professional conduct of High Elements, one will need to attend this course and pass the assessment. A rigorous training that ensures the attendee is fluent in setup and dispatch for the Challenge Ropes Course, Abseiling and Zipline.

Whitewater Kayaker

3 Star Kayaking

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Considered as an advanced skill certification, this course will also prepare participants for Level 2 Coaching. 

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Camp Renewal

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Camp Renewal is a time for seasoned trainers to come together and share with the freshly minted trainers on what are challenges faced and how to overcome them

Campfire Meal

Intro to OCFS

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Introduction to Outdoor Cooking & Fire Starting will help you to understand the basics of conducting and preparation of food.

First Aid for a broken arm

First Aid

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This Standard First Aid course is conducted by our partner and will prepare participants to handle incidents ranging from simple wounds to basic emergencies.

Rock Climbing Indoors

Sport Climbing Level 1

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This 1 day course introduces its participants to the basics of sport climbing techniques and instructions. 

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