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Sat on the Rocks



We are proud to be part of Mendaki - Raikan Ilmu this year 2021!


Raikan Ilmu was first launched by Yayasan MENDAKI in October 2020 to create a movement within the community to embrace lifelong learning.

Regardless of Covid-19 pandemic, learning should continue and can take place anytime, anywhere.

In line with their theme ‘Embrace Learning, Strengthen Resilience’ for the Raikan Ilmu 2020, we are excited to join hand in partnership with Mendaki to bring various digital learning opportunities that you and your family can participate in October.


A mixture of 6 basic life skills that will be tested in one challenge.

Star Value Orienteering encompassing 6 basic skills that will be shared and put into practice. Participants will be given a map with checkpoints to orientate themselves around, learning the life skills as a task. The 6 basic life skills are, understanding and awareness of Risk Assessment


Management, rendering of basic First Aid, tying of  Knots & Lashing, Shelter Building and fundamentals of Outdoor Cooking. For the last segment of the challenge, participants will have to solve a scenario that is created for them to showcase the life skills. 

These 5 basic Life Skills can be used and has many purposes in the outdoors or even in our daily lives.


Challenge course is a physical challenge often require teamwork to reach a goal. They are a fun, challenging way to push people outside of their comfort zone and work through anxiety.

It fills with elements of difficulty that may cause some participants to feel fearful and some may feel particularly fraught for people who are afraid of heights. High activities challenges provide an opportunity for participants to push through feelings of discomfort or anxiety and work through

the course at their own pace. 

In this challenge, activity elements such as Abseiling and Zipline (flying fox) provide a chance and will have established goals for participants to work on their own individual goals and objectives such as, teamwork, trust building and some may be geared towards honing problem-solving skills.

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